Pilt the Inquisitor of Nethys

Pilt the Inquisitor


Pilt the Inquisitor of Nethys, Scriber of the Divine Writings, and party member of the Eldenvet 6(To be renamed as seen fit.)


“Praise be to Nethys!”

“Lord of knowledge and the Arcane that binds our worlds supernatural to the physical realm.”

Pilt’s journey through this land has found him on the path of the Inquisitor. From birth to the arms of two loving parents whose identities as arch-mages was well known. Their hope for their son to harness the arcane arts dwindled with their discovery that he was a bit lacking in the area of the say… brain region. However! His understanding of the world around him and his innate strength gave him a near supernatural sixth sense combined with the power of a giant. The world around him was predictable and through this he found his blessing of the great Lord God of Knowledge.

His parents revealed to him on his blessed day of adolescence that they had concealed the inquisitor’s rune, a holy birth mark, on his body that branded him as one of the blessed Inquisitor’s of Nethys, and on that day he was sent to the academy to learn to scribe the magical scripture and harness his strength into one of a guardian of the faith.

Pilt the Inquisitor of Nethys

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