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Common Knowledge:
A high gnome population is present in all cities within the region and area surrounding the major city of Eldenvet. A deal of economic strife haunts the lands as gnome and dwarf civilizations strive to make their own cities the most economically dominant in the region.

Eldenvet lies between two fingers extending out of the Drungril Mountains. Atop the Drungril mountains the gnomes have engineered a rain and snow melt water pit. The pit connect several water irrigation channels to surrounding cities.

The area is rich in agriculture and is flourishing constantly. The Baron, Dornsnip Tungestone and his wife Queen Vora Tungestone are very kind people and treat their citizens very well. Baron Tungestone and his wife are preparing for a large celebration as their son Dupres Tungstone prepares to be wed within the coming year.

The local populace of Eldenvet consist mainly of mine workers and agricultural workers. The vast majority of commoners house themselves within the mountain, though the main city resides outside of the mountain. Many wealthier citizens live in large homes within the city or on the outskirts.

Regional Religion:

Influences of major GOOD ALIGNED gods within cities (consistent through out world).
Local religion also worship mountain and cloud giants.
Evil gods are not openly worshiped or accepted within major cities in the Elden Region.

Please visit:
The City of Eldenvet


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